Start for Chrysalis Games in Germany

On April 3rd, Chrysalis Games officially opened its branch office for Germany in Wuppertal.

The new location in Wuppertal provides us with a good starting position for planning and setting up our further expansion plans in Europe.
With the branch office, we will take on administrative tasks in preparation for the opening of our studio in Cologne, planned for the end of 2020.

Positioning for the European market

Chrysalis Games Deutschland will continue to implement further expansion plans in the current financial year to strategically position itself for the European market, including the construction and opening of the first studio outside the UK in Cologne.

This is an important step for Chrysalis Games to position itself for the European market in the gaming industry. We will not only create new jobs at both German locations, but also new projects and opportunities.

Daniel Gippert – Managing Director

As already mentioned, the branch office in Wuppertal will mainly carry out administrative activities; an expansion to the core areas of development and distribution is not planned for Wuppertal.

In addition to the headquarters in London and the developer studio in Croydon, the new studio in Cologne is scheduled to open at the end of 2020.
Chrysalis Games plans to create 12 new jobs for the time being.

There are currently around 17 developers in Croydon working on the Aen Xero and Skjera projects.
With the opening of the studio in Cologne, the development of Aen Xero is expected to move from Croydon to Cologne.

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