Extending the measures for the safety of our employees concerning COVID-19

Due to the worldwide situation regarding COVID-19, we have expanded our existing measures for the safety of our employees.

Since the global spread and the associated risk to our employees, we have without hesitation created the highest level of safety for our employees by starting up infrastructure and technology for working from home.

Today we have decided to extend these measures in order to be able to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for our employees even if the situation returns to normal.
All our employees in the UK and in the new branch in Germany are expected to be working from their home offices by the end of June. Should the infection rate rise again, we will of course extend the deadline again.

Since Chrysalis Games is flexible and dynamic by nature, a further extension does not constitute an operational restriction. On the contrary, we have effectively used and optimised the existing opportunities.

Nonetheless, under certain circumstances, delays and deviations in the daily processes may occur. We will continue to work on this and further optimise any problems that may arise.

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