Final Development Overview 20/21 – Kingdom Sieges

Despite the current situation of COVID-19 and the worldwide restrictions in the private as well as in the commercial sector, we are still operating with our current development projects and are capable of continuing to execute the projects despite the relocation of our development teams to the home office.

Today we release the final development overview of current and planned releases as well as an insight into the respective titles.

Kingdom Sieges

Kingdom Sieges (Working title “Skjera”) is a medieval role playing game with a dynamic and open game world and is developed for computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Linux.


Dive into a medieval world full of challenges and experience a rough world from the eyes of a knight, choose the path of a robber baron and gain a dreaded reputation and wealth or make your name as a powerful and honorable knight.

Kingdom Sieges offers a dynamic game world where the decisions of the player and his or her reputation affects the interaction with NPC’s and story progression.

Dynamic Reputation system; Player actions and decisions will affect the interactive world and how different quests can be obtained

Open and dynamic game world; regions and cities develop independently over time. Watch as cities grow or become impoverished due to ongoing raids.

Challenging story; the paths as a medieval knight lead exciting stories, strong opponents and special events, make a name for yourself and stand your ground in the Middle Ages.

Expand your lordship; build your castle and choose the expansions you want. Different expansion modules offer different bonuses or improvements.


Kingdom Sieges will be published systems:

kingdom scaled - Chrysalis Games

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