InsiDev: A peek at next-gen and ultra-realistic graphics in video games.

With an eye on the upcoming new generations of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, teams of most game developers have already been in the starting blocks for weeks to adapt their projects to the new technologies and possibilities.
We also have already adapted our first projects to the next-gen systems at Chrysalis Games in London and are already working on current projects for the upcoming release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as preparing for the ongoing development process for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

Our teams systematically evaluate and decide which of our projects currently in development will eventually appear on the next generation of consoles.
Of course we want to offer as many games as possible to a wide range of people and also serve both generations. However, at Chrysalis Games we always have to take a look at efficiency and economy and not every game is suitable for both generations, because it always requires a certain amount of effort and extensive testing before a game can actually be released.

To give a first impression of the state of next-gen graphics and possibilities, we have prepared a short insight that presents the ultra-realistic graphics.

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